I struggle with creativity. It doesn’t come easily to me. If I get an idea, I complete it, and then I’m stuck for weeks or months until I come up with a new one. I’m great at concepts, but fleshing them out into something worthwhile seems impossible sometimes. I think that’s why I like freelance work. It allows me to create without having to come up with ideas, and I get to see other people get fulfillment from creating something they’re proud of. If anyone reading this is a Christian, you’ll get what I mean when I say my spiritual gift, as well as I can guess, is service. I believe this is part of why helping other people gives me so much fulfillment. It’s nice to feel needed. I hope I get better at making my own things, but I really enjoy working on other people’s projects.



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Since 8th grade, my introversion has gradually increased. I was a lot more outgoing back then. I’m not going to talk about introversion or personality types in this post, though. I have major self-esteem problems. I make lots of self-deprecating jokes, I struggle accepting compliments, and I don’t think of myself very highly. One of the worst parts of this is when I take people’s jokes seriously, or ask a question about my personality, and get an answer I don’t expect. Over the years, based on these things, as well as noticing peoples’ reactions to me, I’ve gotten the idea in my head that people think I’m creepy. After asking multiple people, it seems that some people even agree with that idea! I don’t want to come across as creepy. I try so hard to be likable, and I even go out of my way to not be creepy. I actively avoid hugging some of my friends, and I don’t maintain eye contact for long amounts of time. I try not to let it show, but this really affects me. I don’t want to come across like I’m wanting pity, I just want to share my thoughts and feelings. This post is really depressing. I’m just glad I’ve got good friends who don’t think I’m creepy. Having good friends is a really good way to feel better about stuff. I’m not sure how I’m gonna end this, so goodbye.


I often find myself thinking about topics that I’d love to tweet about, but I often can’t fit all of my thoughts in one tweet. This blog is more of an outlet for me to express my thoughts on pretty much anything. It’s also a great opportunity to increase my knowledge of graphic design. Once I’ve got more time, I’ll design a site from scratch and get a custom domain, but I don’t have that time, so this will have to do for now! Enjoy!