I struggle with creativity. It doesn’t come easily to me. If I get an idea, I complete it, and then I’m stuck for weeks or months until I come up with a new one. I’m great at concepts, but fleshing them out into something worthwhile seems impossible sometimes. I think that’s why I like freelance work. It allows me to create without having to come up with ideas, and I get to see other people get fulfillment from creating something they’re proud of. If anyone reading this is a Christian, you’ll get what I mean when I say my spiritual gift, as well as I can guess, is service. I believe this is part of why helping other people gives me so much fulfillment. It’s nice to feel needed. I hope I get better at making my own things, but I really enjoy working on other people’s projects.



If you want to hire me for freelance work to give me fulfillment, email me at

jk 🙂

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